Alamo Heroes Day

Fredericksburg Farms

The Alamo

In the early morning on this date (March 6) in 1836 a rag tag group of defenders gave their lives in pursuit of Texas independence from Mexico. The small garrison of volunteers and soldiers numbering less than 200 was surrounded by outnumbering forces of Mexican General Santa Anna’s army of regulars. The defenders were confined in the old abandoned Mission San Antonio de Valero near the town of San Antonio de Bexar. As dawn broke the strains of the Deguello were heard from the Mexican camp, signaling that no quarter would be given the defenders. The attack began and all Texan defenders were slain on the grounds of the old mission that we call the Alamo. Go and visit, although the Alamo now is surrounded by the bustling city of San Antonio, the ground there is hallowed. Be quiet and remember the heroic 13 days of glory.

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