Steven McAnally 1952-2024

Fredericksburg Farms

Steve McAnallyFredericksburg Farms suffered a catastrophic loss last week with the passing of Steven McAnally—our Founder, President, Owner, Husband, Father, and Friend. Here are some words shared by his loving wife, Randye.
“Today is the first day I have spent without my husband of 43 plus years by my side. He left this earth for his Heavenly home yesterday after being in an accident on our ranch. For him to be gone so suddenly and unexpectedly is hard to get my mind to accept. I can take comfort in knowing he is seeing Jesus face to face today and I hope he asks why we have grassburs, fire ants, and chiggers. In our lives together we often laughed about suffering through the unpleasant after effects of all 3. How am I doing? I have cried enough to be out of tears, but more come anyway. My precious kids and grandkids are surrounding me with love and support and my faith in our Lord is getting me through minute by minute. Sweet Steven, who will dance with me in our perfect rhythm to Amarillo by Morning? From now on I will have to make my own coffee each morning instead of having you bring me a cup in bed while we do our devotional and plan the day. Love you til eternity.”

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