Do you remember the Maypole?

Fredericksburg Farms


For me, May 1st always signaled the countdown to the last day of school. I remember having a “Maypole Celebration” at school (possibly kindergarten) when I was small. The school used a tetherball pole and attached colored ribbons to the top of the metal pole. Certain students were chosen to “go ‘round the Maypole” weaving the ribbons by going in and out and they had to sing a song about May Day. I remember being very irritated that I was not selected to participate.  May 1 today makes me think that summer is on the way and I had better get with my diet before I have to think about donning a swimsuit. Also, thoughts of possible vacation plans run through my brain and with all of the reminiscing and vacation planning going on I get hungry. I had better go up to our Fredericksburg Farms warehouse and find something tasty for a snack…like salsa and chips….I can think about the diet tomorrow.

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  • Paul Tompkins on

    My Granddaughters go to the Waldorf School in Austin. Every year about this time they have the May Pole

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