Don’t forget Mama

Fredericksburg Farms

Randye McAnally and her mom Jody

May 12 is Mother’s Day. Our moms support us every day so taking one day to say, “Thanks, Mom for always being there for me,” is just a little thing but it has a big impact. My own mom is gone but I remember always trying to find just the right card or gift to let her know how much she meant. I also had a mother-in-law and a dear step-mom to shop for. Now I am the mom and grandmother, that time passes by fast. I recently came across some things made by my kids for me on past Mother’s Days. Macaroni glued to the top of a cardboard school supply box and spray-painted gold for a very elegant jewelry box…it truly is the thought that counts.
(pictured is CEO Randye McAnally and her mom, Joan (Jody).

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