Don’t throw it out!

Fredericksburg Farms

Banana Bread

Remember those bananas you planned to eat with your healthy oatmeal? Or the bananas you bought for the grandkids only to find out that they no longer eat them, in fact they now “hate them.” Well, don’t despair! The peels may have turned black but the banana inside will be super sweet…perfect for banana bread, muffins, or pancakes. How often I find that things I may think are no longer good or of any use can be transformed into something totally new. It just takes being open to new ideas and thinking creatively. We live in a disposable world…throw away and buy new is not a perfect idea. Many items can have new uses, just like people can find new purpose. As the New Year approaches embrace any change it brings, and if need be find new purpose…don’t stay as an overripe banana ready to be tossed…become banana bread instead!       

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