January Letdown?

Fredericksburg Farms

January can sometimes be a letdown after all of the hustle and bustle of December. We have taken all of the ornaments off the Christmas tree at Fredericksburg Farms and have packed away all of our stockings, and holiday decorations ready to come out next December 1. The last of the holiday goodies and treats are going away in the lunchroom which is a good thing for my waistline. Looking out the window in my office I see brown grass and frozen plants in the garden and flower planters. Time to trim back the dead growth and work the soil to be ready for Spring…which around here in our part of Texas can happen anytime from February to April. I pulled out the dead flower stems in the porch planter and worked the soil with my fingers. This planter like the garden is an empty palette to be filled with colorful plants and tasty veggies, herbs, and fruits. Clean out the old to make way for the new growth. I need to do the same with myself…let go of failures and old ideas that never worked. Start fresh…work through the soil of life, loosen any clumps and prepare for the sprouting of new ideas that will color my world in 2023. I’m excited with the prospect! What colors will fill your palette?

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