Father's Day

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Fathers Day

Father’s Day is almost here. How do you plan to celebrate dear old dad this year? Some of us are fortunate to have a father or father figure in our lives that has made a difference in the persons we are today. Our dad taught us how to fish and hunt, how to start a campfire, pitch a tent, and make sour dough biscuits in a Dutch oven over a bed of hot coals. He walked the floor with us when we had earaches as toddlers, he taught us how to get a fish hook out of a finger, how to pull a splinter out and how to pull a loose tooth. More importantly he shared a love of reading, history, and the outdoors and he was a lot of fun. These days our dad resides in Heaven. If your dad or” dad figure” is a part of your life, don’t miss an opportunity to tell him what he means to you. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy, and thanks for the memories!

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