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cutting the egg carton to make it a planter

With a little bit of warmer weather and rainfall, I started thinking about our garden and remembered that it is time to start tomato seeds indoors for transplanting into the garden after frost danger is over. I love to start tomato seeds with my grandchildren, they love to get their hands dirty and the process is really easy. For years when I ran a commercial greenhouse, we started seeds in special germinating flats and set them on heating mats to encourage germination. With my grands, I use Styrofoam egg cartons.
Use scissors to remove the top of the carton and save it; it will be your drip tray.
Wash out the egg carton and use a pencil to poke a hole in the bottom of each of the cups in the carton.
Add potting soil and moisten it so the cops are all filled with damp soil.
Take your pencil, once again and poke a hole into the soil of each filled cup, then drop one tomato seed into each cup, patting the soil to cover it lightly.
Water lightly using a measuring cup with a spout. Hold the carton over the sink to let excess water drain out.
Place the carton on the upside-down lid you saved, it will be your drip saucer when you water the seeds.
Place the seed tray out of direct sun and patiently wait for the seeds to sprout. (I use my kitchen table.)
Water about every other day, don’t let the soil get dry. When your seedlings sprout and have several leaves, you can transplant into a larger container (plastic cup) until ready to plant outside. Enjoy!

poking holes in the bottom of the egg carton

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