Happy Anniversary to us!

Fredericksburg Farms

Happy Anniversary to us! We said, “I do,” 43 years ago today on a hot Saturday morning in Houston. It was August 1980 in Houston, mind you. What were we thinking? After a morning service we headed out on our honeymoon driving to San Antonio to stay at the St. Anthony hotel. After checking in we strolled along the Riverwalk scratching our shiny gold bands on the limestone walls. It was 103 degrees in the shade when we finally found the restaurant we decided on for dinner. We have made many trips since and often we will scratch up those wedding bands in new locales we visit. Both of us have had our bands stretched to make them larger (not saying we also are larger) and when we got them back from the jeweler, they had polished them up all shiny and new again. So we have had to start all over again…travelling down life’s roads together looking for places to scratch up those rings!

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