Is the tree up yet?

Fredericksburg Farms

Christmas Tree

Is the tree up yet? I remember my kids asking almost daily after Thanksgiving when we were going to put up our family Christmas tree? It used to be a calculation of when to buy a live tree before they were all picked over at a tree lot, and how long the tree would last before it started turning brown and dropping needles everywhere.

Artificial trees changed the tradition of shopping for a live tree or going out into the woods and cutting your own tree, bringing it home precariously tied to the top of the car. Now the “when” can be any time you choose and the tree can stay up until you get tired of looking at it.

We decorate at Fredericksburg Farms the week of Thanksgiving after our feast, the tree goes up in the breakroom and stockings line the walls. Here the Christmas spirit is alive and well, and yes, the tree is up!

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