Stock show chickens…long live 4-H!

Fredericksburg Farms

baby chickens

Each January is Jr. Stock show time in Gillespie County, and each junior participant has his or her animal entry looking the best they can. Fredericksburg Farms is proud to be a sponsor of the Gillespie County Jr. Livestock Show. Our kids showed pigs and steers when they were young and now our granddaughter, Amelia, shows chickens. Twenty-five little yellow fluffy chicks were picked up the week of Thanksgiving and now they are all fairly large white feathered “broilers.” They have been fed special foods, watered daily, encouraged to walk around to build muscle, and had their climate-controlled chicken house monitored daily to keep them warm and dry no matter the weather outside. Now Amelia and her 3 best “pullets” (females) will go before the judge who will inspect the birds as Amelia holds them upside down by their feet. Some wing flapping is usually involved, and most definitely showmanship on the part of the kids as they look to impress the judge and answer his questions. Good luck to all 4-H and FFA participants!


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