Summer Camp

Fredericksburg Farms

Prude RanchThe footlockers were carefully packed by anxious but excited mamas, enough clothes for a week of summer camp. Combs, brushes, toothpaste and toothbrushes, sleeping bag, flashlight, pillows, and a few dollars for spending at the camp store. Two of our grandchildren are headed off for their first-ever “away” camp in Fort Davis far out in West Texas. One of them is a second-generation camper, his dad went to the same camp as a kid, and the other grand is a third-generation camper as not only her dad and mom went there, but her “other” grandpa as well. Awaiting them is a week of horseback riding, hiking, skits, games, pranks, rodeos, riding in a parade, and a whole lot of time to practice independence and grow up a little. Fresh air, camaraderie, and bonding all in the Davis Mountains at a very special place…Prude Ranch. Come a ridin’ cowboys and cowgirls… 3 Bar- Apache forever!

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