Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Fredericksburg Farms

Black Friday Cyber Monday

So what’s the deal with Black Friday and Cyber Monday? It used to be that shoppers would get up in the wee hours and line up outside stores who would schedule special sales on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The stores would open their doors maybe at 2 AM and would offer ridiculously low prices on a certain selection of items that were in limited supply, with the thought that the promotion would get lots of customers into the stores with money to spend, and when the limited deals ran out, they would spend their money on other regularly priced merchandise.

Well, it worked and people began to look forward to these wee hour shopping frenzies every year. As internet sales gained popularity, the Black Friday deals appeared online, and because one day was not enough, Cyber Monday was born.

SO this year… get up early check out our deals at Fredericksburg Farms, and shop ‘til you drop in your jammies…all the cool folks do!

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