Introducing our CANDLE CREW!

Fredericksburg Farms candles manufacturing

Candle Crew - Fredericksburg Farms

Introducing our CANDLE CREW! We are so lucky to have the best group of people that work diligently to bring you our hand-crafted Fredericksburg Farms candles and wax melts. They stay busy daily setting out the candle glass, attaching wicks to the bottoms of the glass jars, and then attaching a metal band to each jar that holds the wicks upright as the candles are poured.

We use a special soy blend wax that holds the fragrance for a long burning, highly scented candle. Once poured the candles are allowed to cool before being labeled, lidded and packed in cases that will make their way to a store near you, or you can jump online and visit our online store. Thanks CANDLE CREW!!

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